Water Restored In Mannford After Line Break

Water Restored In Mannford After Line Break

Water is flowing once again for people in Mannford after a line break. The city says employees worked to make the repairs ahead of schedule.

The leak left people east of Keystone Lake in the Pelican Point area without water over the weekend.

“Got a surprise when I went up to go to the bathroom and flush the toilet and there was no water,” said Rick Butterfield, a Mannford resident.

Butterfield took water from his swimming pool to flush the toilets.

“We didn’t expect it to be done until Thursday,” he said. “That was the word that we got. It was quick. I was surprised this morning, got up and had water.”

The quick fix is thanks to Jeremy Brown and other city employees, who jumped into action when they learned a contractor couldn’t fix it until Wednesday at the earliest.

Other community members stepped up to help.

“We were able to wrench it off the bottom of the lake, set it up on a tomb,” said Brown. “We were able to go ahead and make our repairs.”

Brown says erosion likely caused the break. He is hopeful the repairs will last a while.

“Should last for another 30-40 years,” said Brown.

He says the urgency to find a fix is a perfect example of everyone coming together. The city expects to have an update Thursday on whether a boil order can be lifted.