Polling Places Close Across Green Country For Tuesday Primary Election, See Latest Results

Polling Places Close Across Green Country For Tuesday Primary Election, See Latest Results

To see the latest results click here: https://results.okelections.us/OKER/?elecDate=20240618

Thousands of Oklahomans headed to the polls on Tuesday for the state’s primary election.

Dozens of issues and candidates were on voters' ballots on Tuesday, including party seats for who Oklahomans want to represent them in Congress.

U.S. Representative Primary Results

Three of Oklahoma's five seats in the House of Representatives were on primary ballots on Tuesday.

Representatives Josh Brecheen and Stephanie Bice didn't have Republican challengers, so they automatically advanced to the general election in November.

Race 2 U.S. Representative District 1 Republican

Paul Royse challenged Representative Kevin Hern for his seat in District 1, but Hern will keep his seat after winning with 87.03% percent of the vote.

Race 1 U.S. Representative District 1 Democrat

Democrat Dennis Baker will face Hern in November's election for District 1 after defeating Evelyn Rogers in the Democratic primary. Mark Sanders is also in that race as an Independent.

Race 3 U.S. Representative District 3 Republican

In District 3, Frank Lucas will keep his seat after defeating Darren Hamilton and Robin Carder.

No one is running as a Democratic or Independent candidate, so Lucas automatically wins his re-election.

Race 24 Tulsa County Commissioner District 2 Democrat

Several counties had primary elections tonight as well.

Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith is running for Tulsa mayor, which means her District two seat is open.

The Democratic race is going to a runoff after no candidate got more than 50 percent of the vote.

That runoff is August 27th.

Race 24 Tulsa County Commissioner District 2 Republican

Several Republicans are also running for county commissioner.

Melissa Myers, State Representative Lonnie Sims, Tulsa City Councilor Jeannie Cue all ran.

Myers and Sims will also go to a runoff in August after finishing as the top two candidates.

Pittsburg County Sheriff

Pittsburg County voters re-elected Chris Morris as their sheriff, despite him being under investigation.

Prosecutors charged Morris with embezzlement last month because they say he broke the law while replacing a UTV for the sheriff's office.

He was also charged with bribery.

Commissioners voted to suspend him from office and appointed the undersheriff as the interim sheriff.

Morris claimed it was election interference and that he's done nothing wrong.

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Race 50 Haskell Schools Proposition

Haskell School voters passed a $13 million bond issue.

The money would be used to renovate the elementary school cafeteria and build a new gym.

School leaders say the current gym is 50 years old and doesn’t have air conditioning.

The plan also includes a new mechanical and agricultural education building at the high school and improvements to the baseball field.

Race 71 Verdigris Fire Proposition

And Verdigris voters pass a $3.6 million dollar bond to buy two new fire trucks for the fire department.

fire chief says they would replace trucks they've used for 20 years.

This smaller bond proposal comes after voters rejected a $13.5 million proposal last fall that included a new fire house and the trucks.