Line Lengths Back To Normal At Tulsa International Airport Following Security Delays

Line Lengths Back To Normal At Tulsa International Airport Following Security Delays

The lines through security are improving for people flying out of Tulsa International Airport. Some people missed their flights when it took nearly three hours to get through security on Monday.

The Transportation Security Administration says several body scanning machines experienced equipment failure. The agency says technicians continue to make repairs.

Tuesday afternoon looked like a much more normal day at the airport, with little-to-no hold-ups for passengers going through security. It is a big difference from just a day ago when lines were stretched almost all the way to the baggage claim areas.

The Tuesday morning rush did have longer than normal lines, but those did not compare to Monday’s madness.

“We were pleased when we arrived that the line was not out in the hallway,” said John Land, a parent dropping off his daughter for a flight.

The TSA says there are still some hold-ups with repairing the scanners, but things are looking up.

“Happy to report that so far today, we have three out of five machines that are functioning,” said Patricia Mancha, spokesperson for TSA. “We’re hoping to make it four out of five at some point.”

Though it is typically a breeze getting through Tulsa, the agency wants everyone to prepare for the unexpected as it expects a historic summer travel season.

“It doesn’t matter whether equipment is down or not; it doesn’t matter whether you’re flying out of Tulsa or you’re flying out of DFW,” said Mancha. “Arrive two hours prior to your flight, conduct your check-in, pack your own bag.”

The Tulsa International Airport is posting updates on lines to its Facebook page.

“This is not the ‘new normal’ for Tulsa by any means, or due to an increase in passengers,” said an airport spokesperson. “It’s simply a TSA equipment issue that is temporary.”

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