Following Support From Oklahomans, Gaza Family Able To Escape Violence

Following Support From Oklahomans, Gaza Family Able To Escape Violence

Thanks to the kindness of Oklahomans, a family of seven was able to escape Gaza as violence between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants escalates.

News 9 previously brought you the story of Hiba Madhoun and her family in March, after one of her students studying Arabic, an Oklahoma City resident, began collecting money to allow Mahmoud and her family to escape the Gaza Strip.

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Now, Madhoun's family were able to escape to neighboring Egypt, and they say they have Oklahomans to thank for their safety.

Prior to the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, Madhoun led online Arabic tutoring from her home in Rafah, which is how she met and became close with Kate Robinson.

"There's this family across the world... their lives are different because of people here and that's precious to me," Robinson said.

Robinson, along with other students, rallied together, raising tens of thousands of dollars to get the Madhoun family safely out of Gaza.

After helping Madhoun, her husband and their five children to safety, Robinson said she is blown away by the community's support.

However, the Madhoun family now say they must start from scratch in a new country, and Robinson said she is continuing to help in any way she can.

Madhoun has been forced to put teaching on hold throughout this process, but said she hopes to start back up soon.

Outside of her household, Madhoun said the rest of her family, and everyone she knows, are still stuck in Gaza.