Tonight On News On 6 At 4, 5 And 6 p.m.

Tonight On News On 6 At 4, 5 And 6 p.m.

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First, at 4, The Philbrook Museum of Art has decked its halls for the holidays. Full Story

At 5, The Tulsa City Council shared plans to use targeted programs to help the city's homeless find temporary shelter.

Also at 5, investigators served a search warrant at an Oklahoma State fraternity on Wednesday that authorities say is involved in the dumping of a dead longhorn last week. Full Story

And at 6, we're looking into the criminal history of a woman accused of forcing a driver off a bridge over the Arkansas River in a fit of road rage. Today on News On 6 at 6, what we're learning about her previous driving offenses spanning more than two decades. Full Story

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