Last Minute Shoppers React To Inflation On Thanksgiving Meals

Last Minute Shoppers React To Inflation On Thanksgiving Meals

Shoppers said they are ready to get what they need for Thanksgiving meals even if it’s costing them more.

"Yeah, it's kinda high. Kinda high,’ shopper Donna Johnson said.

Many shoppers said they're not going to let the prices stop them from enjoying time with their family while sharing a good meal.

Charlann Stonecipher said prices are on the rise but shopping at a locally owned store helps.

“Pricing is a problem, but they have a special deal here on turkeys,” Stonecipher said.

The American Farm Bureau Federation said the average Thanksgiving meal for 10 people costs around $64 this year, up from $53 last year and $47 the year before.

Susan Phelps owns Phelps Market. She said nationwide shortages are a big reason prices are higher.

"It's been tough. We've been trying to go out there and grab the best prices we can get and doing the best we can in keeping it down and affordable,” Phelps said.

She said her store has a year round program that can help during the holidays.

"We do a rewards program and we have points on there and where they can get free turkeys and that's always gone really well. So, we try to help out any way we can and have good ads and try to do our best to keep it under control the best we can,” Phelps said.

If you missed out on last minute items, you may be out of luck since most grocery stores will be closed on Thanksgiving.