USA BMX Grand Nationals Return To Tulsa For 25th Consecutive Year

USA BMX Grand Nationals Return To Tulsa For 25th Consecutive Year

The USA BMX Grand Nationals are at Tulsa's Expo Square for the 25th year in a row.

Thousands of people from across the country will attend this event, bringing big money to our economy.

Riders said they spend all year racing in different states -- just to get to this competition. And they all hope they'll leave Tulsa with a national title.

James Palmer comes to Tulsa from Vancouver every year for this event.

“We don’t have a massive stadium that we race in at home like this. So, that’s the coolest part about coming down here is getting to see all the BMX racers in town coming for such a big race." said Palmer.

Danuelle Dyer is a 15-year-old from Miami here chasing his dreams.

“Making my way to get into a good spot. That’s what we are ready for. I’m excited about the race because this is our first time being here," said Dyer.

He's been racing with his team for seven years and he's looking to return with a national title. When he competes, he has one thing on his mind.

“Making sure to stay up on the bike and try to find any way to stay in the front or get to the front," said Dyer.

This race brings more than 15,000 people to Tulsa.

“We have the best BMX riders in the world that are here. We’ve got them from all 50 states. About 25 different countries," John David, USA BMX.

Racers said this is a special sport where they make lifelong friendships and memories.

“Maybe not to race, but just to be around all your friends, all the different companies, brands, and the sport. That’s the best part. The aspect of pushing yourself day to day to be a better athlete, to be a better BMX racer, be quicker, but it’s also the aspect of everyone is here to have a good time hang out and have fun together," said Dyer.

The Grand Nationals event is free and open to the public and wraps up on Sunday, Nov. 27.