Emergency Crews Battle Truck Fire Along Highway 75 In Glenpool

Emergency Crews Battle Truck Fire Along Highway 75 In Glenpool

A truck driver hauling a tank of compressed carbon dioxide is okay after his truck caught fire along Highway 75 in Glenpool.

Crews had to shut down lanes in both directions on Highway 75 while they put out the fire.

They said the driver got out safely and told crews he was driving when all of a sudden, he started seeing smoke in the cab and pulled over.

Crews said the truck caught fire while going through Glenpool around 9 a.m. and then the fire spread to the tires.

Crews said because of the compressed CO2 in the tank, they had to handle the fire with extreme caution, in case it exploded.

They said a big issue they faced was the lack of water supply, so they had to call in tankers from Mounds, Kiefer Liberty, and Bixby Fire Departments.

A shelter-in-place order was issued for everyone living around 141st to 151st and 75 in Glenpool for more than an hour.

"The CO2 itself was not involved. It is a non-flammable gas but it was under pressure, so the extent of the fire was the cab of the truck itself, the tires on the truck, and the fuel from the truck,” said Glenpool Fire Chief, Paul Newton.

Chief Newton said they still aren't sure what caused the fire, but they are thankful they were able to handle the situation without anyone getting hurt.