Nonprofit Raises More Than $20,000 For Families Through Citywide Baby Shower

Nonprofit Raises More Than $20,000 For Families Through Citywide Baby Shower

The Tulsa community raised more than $20,000 for families who need help providing for their babies. 

People who work at Emergency Infant Services said they were blown away by all the people who wanted to do something good by making donations at their Citywide Baby Shower. 

"There are not many jobs in this world where you actually get to help people directly," said David Monk with Emergency Infant Services. 

$24,000 was raised at the Citywide Baby Shower and the donations are still being counted.

"We had many different drop-off locations. We partnered with Reasor's to have a drop off location, we had volunteers helping us out, families could also donate here at EIS," said Jacky Escobedo with Emergency Infant Services. "It blew us away that the Tulsa community responded the way they did."

Anything a child would need from birth to five years old was donated, along with checks or cash.

"The items are coming in; we are accounting for them and then they go right back out to families in need in Tulsa," said Escobedo. 

"When you do donate your time or money, or products, it essentially makes you part of our team, because we can't do what we do without the public," said Monk. 

The donations are crucial every year, but staff at Emergency Infant Services said the pandemic has taken a major toll on many Tulsa families with young children.

"On average we are seeing about 50 families a day. We have served past the amount we have seen years before," said Escobedo. 

Families can come in, answer a few questions about their specific needs, fill out some paperwork and then leave with things their kids need. 

"There are no requirements to meet other than they are in need," said Escobedo. "The wonderful thing with our agency is they can in come and if they are needing formula for their child or diapers, they can come in and get that all within 15-20 minutes."

The next event coming up for this organization is going to be closer to Christmas. The goal is to collect 2,000 new toys and winter coats for kids in need. 

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