Woman Accused Of Beating Man, Trying To Run Him Over With Her Car

Woman Accused Of Beating Man, Trying To Run Him Over With Her Car

Tulsa County Deputies arrest a woman accused of beating her ex-boyfriend then trying to run him over with her car. They say it all started over a car tire.

Deputies say the victim has been in the hospital for a week and will have permanent injuries from the attack.

An affidavit says the suspect, Tamesha Mougell actually called police, saying she wanted to report a homicide, but she said had only run over someone because they were trying to kill her. Investigators quickly learned, that's not what happened and the victim was still alive.

Mougell was arrested today at work after a warrant was issued for her arrest. Deputies had been called to a home last week where they found a man who'd been severely beaten in the head. Witnesses told investigators hey saw someone in an SUV trying to run over a man in the yard and the victim was firing shots at the SUV.

Deputies learned Mougell had admitted to someone on a messaging app, she's the one who beat the victim, and even said she "thought he was dead."

"This is not your normal average day domestic violence situation here. Our victim in this case suffered severe injuries. He has had multiple surgeries. He is having another surgery today. This is a victim who hasn't really be able to speak for himself up to this point,” said Casey Roebuck with Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. 

Records show Mougell has been arrested in the past for DUI, assault and battery, domestic assault, and obstructing officers.

Because the injuries are so severe, Mougell has also been charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and maiming.