Fort Gibson Mother Recovering After Saving 3-Year-Old Son From Rolling Car

Fort Gibson Mother Recovering After Saving 3-Year-Old Son From Rolling Car

An Oklahoma woman is recovering after trying to keep a rolling car from hitting her son while dropping him off at a daycare in Fort Gibson. 

The mother said she is very grateful to the good Samaritan who jumped in to help. 

“As bad as the situation was and as bad as it went, it couldn't have went any better,” said Ashley Carman. 

The owner of Tiny Tots Childcare said there is a dent on the front of the building caused when the car pinned Ashley Carman and her son Lincoln against the wall. Carman said she has no explanation for how she saved her son other than momma-bear mode was in full force. 

"When I closed my eyes, it all came back to me, and I," said Carman. 

Before Carman could blink, a car came barreling toward her three-year-old son. 

"I turn around and see the car coming and I tried to stop it, and then I realized that it had taken him down," said Carman. 

Surveillance video from Monday morning shows the incident as Carman was dropping her son Lincoln off at Tiny Tots Childcare in Fort Gibson.   

"My mother instincts kicked in and I just drug him, and I did everything I could to keep the car away him," said Carman. 

The car then rolled on top of Carman, crushing her ankle.                              

"It all just went by so fast," said Carman. 

At the same time, MacKenzie Payton was dropping her nine-month-old off. 

"I jump in, and I put it in park and then I realize like oh wait I have to get this thing, cause she's yelling 'get this off my leg.' So, I put it in reverse, and I back up," said Payton. 

Payton said she didn't have time to think, she just acted out of instinct. 

"I didn't know that I had it in me until it kind of just like happened,” said Payton. "I did what I hope anyone would just instinctively do." 

Krystia Olsen with Tiny Tots Childcare told us the car owner said she put her vehicle in park and had been inside for several minutes before it started moving. 

"I was in tears, and I was just thankful that she was able to pull her son out like that and reacted so quickly. Like it was gut wrenching,” said Olsen. 

Police showed up and the victims were taken to the hospital. Carman has a swollen ankle and Lincoln escaped with a small scratch on his knee. 

"It was definitely a Monday," said Carman. 

News On 6 was told the owner of the car is getting her vehicle checked out. Olsen said there was a pre-teen in the passenger seat and believes she didn’t have anything to do with moving the vehicle. In the surveillance video, you can see her swing open the door on passengers side and jump out as Payton jumps in to help. 

Carman said she's not mad but instead thankful that her son is OK.