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Low: 56°
Humidity: 69%
Barometer: 29.88 in
Dew Point: 42°
Sunrise: 7:00 AM
Sunset: 6:13 PM

2 Works for You Storm Shield Weather: Today's forecast for Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma

Grab a jacket as you head out the door. It is a chilly start, but you will want to dress in layers. We are looking for a very warm day ahead in Green Country! 

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Today we will see winds out of the south at 5-10 mph. Mostly sunny skies are expected and temperatures will soar to 80 degrees. This is well above average for this time of year. Our "typical" high in late February is 55 degrees. While these temperatures are very warm, we will not be setting any new record. The previously set record was 90 degrees, set in 1996. 

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