Tulsa Nonprofit Keeping People Safe By Repairing Homes For Free

Tulsa Nonprofit Keeping People Safe By Repairing Homes For Free

Getting repairs to your home can be expensive and stressful. That’s why some volunteers are doing the work for free.

Many people take pride in where they live. It's where they feel most comfortable and make memories with their loved ones.

But it takes a lot of work to keep a house a home. Work that not everyone can afford.

"We are here to make sure they aren't forgotten and that are people looking out,” said Mac Crawford, Project Coordinator for Revitalize T-Town. “There are resources and that we are here."

Crawford and the other workers with Revitalize T-town are there to make homes safe and to fix anything that needs repairing.

At this home, they are installing low rise steps, sealing leaks and putting in a new roof--all at no cost.

Mac says helping others is his passion.

"I like to think there is a domino effect,” he said. “As little as smiling at someone, looking them in the eye, opening the door. Those things can make someone’s day. If you do help that person, it will go onto the next and the next. it's about breaking boundaries and trying to make a difference."

The nonprofit makes major upgrades to about 120 homes per year.

Sadie Coltrane says it's a great feeling to give back.

"I love that we get to help people,” she said. “A lot of them have worked hard their entire lives and home care only continues to get more and more expensive. We are making it possible for them to stay in their homes."

The nonprofit focuses on the upkeep of the homes so the owners can focus on the memories they make there.

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