Event Park In Jay Prepares For Off-Road Racing Festival

Event Park In Jay Prepares For Off-Road Racing Festival

An outdoor event center in Jay is getting ready to host one of the country’s biggest off-roading events.

In a few weeks, tens of thousands of people will be headed to MidAmerica Outdoors in Jay for Visions 2023.

MidAmerica Outdoors has been expanding its track and said the main goal is to get more people interested in off-roading.

Pam Hall, who broadcasts the MidAmerica Outdoors events, said the park is growing each day and adding more events.

“I’ve been here for just a little over a year and the way I explain it, we went from a conference room of maybe 10 people, to now we have like 30 people in a conference room because this place is growing so fast,” said Hall.

She said there is something for all fans to enjoy at Visions. There will be racing, a pool and camping, among other things.

“It’s a family-friendly outdoor oasis basically, for outdoor enthusiasts,” said Hall. “It’s just blowing up, there’s so much going on here. They’re still working on the track because the track is still in progress. You might know the names but not be a huge fan of watching it, but you can come here and just hang out and have a good time.”

Hall said bringing these tracks and events is helping put Jay and Northeast Oklahoma on the map.

“We can sell up to 30,000 tickets for Visions alone, and can you imagine 30,000 tickets in a town that has only a few restaurants?” said Hall. “It’s helping out the community.”

She said it helps because the people coming in will stay, eat, and shop in Jay.

“Bringing this kind of atmosphere to Northeast Oklahoma and to Jay,” said Hall. “I was born in Oklahoma myself, I’d never even heard of Jay, Oklahoma. But what they’re doing is they’re expanding the community, and it does nothing but help the whole economy of this area.”

Visions 2023 starts on June 12 and will run until June 18.

For more information on Visions 2023 and for a complete list of events, click here.