Housing Solutions Tulsa Works To Prevent Homelessness

Housing Solutions Tulsa Works To Prevent Homelessness

Housing Solutions Tulsa works to prevent homelessness. They are getting ready for a survey that is critical in helping them do something good for others.

"How do we stop homelessness before it starts in our community?" said Tyler Parette, with Housing Solutions Tulsa.

There are organizations all over Tulsa whose mission is to fight homelessness. Housing Solutions Tulsa is one of those organizations.

"We help facilitate a way home for Tulsa activities and bring together partner agencies across the community to work on making homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring in Tulsa County," said Parette.

Representatives said in order to combat homelessness, there needs to be a better understanding of the factors driving it. That is where the Point-in-Time Count comes in.

"This is an annual survey mandated by HUD designed to count every person experiencing homelessness in our community on one particular night of the year. That night this year is January 27th," said Parette.

The survey asks people their names, where they stay at night and what factors are contributing to their homelessness.

"We use the information from this survey to really drive funding decisions across our community, drive resource decisions and really map out how we can better serve individuals experiencing homelessness in Tulsa County," said Parette.

TO LEARN MORE: https://www.housingsolutionstulsa.org/about/