LORETTA LYNNN health update...

Still recovering from a stroke she suffered on May 5, Loretta Lynn couldn’t attend the preview party celebrating her new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville on Wednesday 08/30. She sent her daughter, Patsy Lynn Russell, off with what she called “a piece of me” – the two wedding bands given to her by her late husband, Oliver (Doolittle) Lynn.

Her mother’s main challenge, Russell said, is regaining her balance, and she’s now undergoing rigorous physical and occupational therapy. But the progress the 85-year-old Hall of Famer has made in just the past six weeks, said Russell and other family members, has left no one doubting her recovery.

“The difference between then and now is night and day,” said Russell’s 29-year-old grandson, Anthony Brutto, who summoned the ambulance for his grandmother after the stroke. “It’s amazing to see the will and fire she has inside … Nothing can get her down, and nothing will get her down. … She’s still witty. She’s still very sharp. She’s still very funny. When I went over there last week she said she’s writing songs and playing the guitar, so it’s really awesome to get to see that.”

Loretta Lynn: Blue Kentucky Girl” officially opens on Friday (09/01, and her grandson offered assurances that Lynn will soon be among the many people who are bound to visit it during its run through next August.

What’s really awesome is, you go and talk to her and ask her how she’s feeling and she says that she can literally feel all of her fans praying for her,” Brutto said. “She feels the power they’re giving her. … They’re the reason that she is here, the reason she is who she is. She loves and thanks everyone who’s praying for her.”

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