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Chuck Leary

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Listen to Chuck Leary weekday evenings on Big Country 99.5.

Ten-year-old boys dream, and this one wrote a letter to a radio icon at the time, much to the amusement of friends and family. The laughing stopped and the dream began as I stood in my driveway and opened up a return letter from Arthur Godfrey. He told me to stay in school, work hard and pay attention the voice inside me. He had given some good advise to Patsy Cline on his Talent Scouts show, so I took it to heart.
I've always loved music, and my earliest hero was Rick Nelson, who was inspired by Hank Williams, so my country roots were growing. I did form a trio with my brother Rick and a friend, and after some touring and making a demo tape, our manager told us Capitol Records was interested in signing us! Turns out, Uncle Sam was also interested in signing this singing Lieutenant Leary, commissioned out of college, and so I won an all expense paid Southeast Asian vacation to Chu Lai, Viet Nam! How could I refuse?
I have been privileged to share the airwaves across the country with a number of fine stations, and it all comes down to this. If I can bring the music to life for you, introduce you to the thoughts and voices of these great Classic Country artists, and maybe inspire just one more ten-year-old boy, like my heroes did for me, I've had a good day on the radio!

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